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What is Pair-Bonding in humans?

The presence of:
Social Interactions + Neurotransmitters (oxytocin, vasopressin, dopamine)
= A Pair Bond

A Pair Bond is biological. Fidelity promotes the formation of a pair bond and leads to more successful relationships. It is implicated in both psychological and physical health.

Some factors that may indicate a pair bond among two adults:

🔲 Time spent together beyond a single reproductive cycle
🔲 Sexual exclusivity
🔲 Shared territory and proximity
🔲 Distress upon seperation
🔲 Ability of partner to buffer against your stressors
🔲 Defending from strangers
🔲 Coordinated care of offspring
🔲 Increased social responsiveness to reunion
🔲 Display coordinated behaviours
🔲 Preference of a familiar person

Promiscuity is a symptom of poor pair bonding outcomes that are caused by undesirable and self-destructive personality traits. Our sexual decisions can have a compunding affect on our ability to pair bond over time, thus affecting the outcomes of real relationships in our life. It seems bad behavior encourages further bad behavior, and vice versa.

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