Seniors Online Dating Guide

http:/ The online dating guide for senior's is based on the problems and frustrations that I had with online dating which eventually ended in success. I am getting married in 2014. This included surviving the trials and tribulations of a long distance relationship.

The training package consists of

8 module video series
PDF of the PowerPoint Slides
MP3 of the videos
Relationship Goals and Planning Workbook

Training Videos

Module 1 – Why Internet Dating
Module 2 – Goals and Planning
Module 3 – Putting Fundamentals Into Place
Module 4 – Dynamic Profile
Module 5 – Chose Best Dating Site for You
Module 6 – What Are Individuals Looking For
Module 7 – Making Initial Contact
Module 8 – Initial Meet and What Comes Next

Bonus Videos

Law of Attraction
Long distance relationships

The package is available today for the discounted price of $27 package value $261

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