Real time dating advice/relationship advice livestream! Get more info about the show and how to submit a question in advance here: . Real time dating advice/relationship advice livestream! Make a minimum $10 (USD) $Cashapp or Super chat donation and get your burning love advice, dating advice, parenting advice, friendship advice, marriage advice or relationship advice questions answered in real time, right now, on the spot!

Come and ask a question about whatever is bothering you. Get an immediate response from veteran advice columnist Deborrah Cooper for just $10 (USD). Ask a dating and relationship issue concerning a current mate, commitment fears, if he REALLY loves you – or ask about your children, your crazy coworkers, your nosey neighbor, or crazy ex, your interfering in-laws, your baby daddy drama – any interpersonal relationship question will be answered.

Prepare your SHORT question in a document on your computer or phone so you can copy and paste it into the chat, make your minimum $10 $Cashapp or Super chat donation, then get ready for a hard core, on the spot response. Please watch your language; try to use polite PG-13 euphemisms when discussing controversial or mature issues.

Remember to KEEP YOUR QUESTION SHORT (ideally in the 25-50 word range), as this is not the format for long, involved questions. If you are a bit shy, or won't be around to watch the livestream, feel free to submit your question in advance here

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