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Hello everyone My name is Kate a Filipina and My husband is from Czech Republic. We have one Daughter name Nilda Kate, we're living in Portugal since 2016.
Just a little introduction of ourselves and how did we met each other.
I had a friend who introduce me of this dating site, she told me that it was a good idea to join ther if I wanted to meet some foreign guy.

I was just curious of this site so I tried, few weeks after I signed up there was this MAN who is my Husband now who sent me a very long messages saying that He is looking for a long term relationship which can also leads into marriage, etc..So, hindi na ako nag pa tumpik tumpik pa reply agad si ako hehe.

Then we started talking almost everyday through videocall until we developed our feelings for each other. That time my husband is still in Peru for some business matters. He was living there for 2 years and travelling all over South America.

I did'nt know that time He already bought a flight ticket to PHILIPPINES, exactly October 23, 2013 We finally met each other. That was the time of Bagyong Haian and an earthquake strike to Philippines. Despite that, He had still eager to meet me. First meeting was exciting, I brought him to our house and introduced him to my parents.

Few days later he need to leave to meet his friend in Cebu, I thought that was the end of our story because He did'nt told me anything if what's her plan. He also did not contact me then. So for me that was already the end. But, then after a month I did'nt know that He just ride on a BUS from Cebu to my town just to see me again If even he did'nt know how to get there.

He just sent me an SMS saying that I must give my full address to him because he is on his way to my house. To make the story short we again see each other and then He decided to bring me to his counrty. After 3 years of our relationship we decided to get married. I think that was enough to know ourselves better. Then came our Little one.

We decided to do vlogging because on Youtube there is no limit of storage of videos and We are collecting memories with our Daughter while she is still young. Our Vlogs is about family, travels etc. here in Portugal since me and my husband are both foreigners here. If you are into it you can subscribe to our Channel.

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