David Minns – Niche Dating is No Longer Niche Enough

David Minns, the Niche Online Dating Man, discusses the challenges of marketing online dating sites in a saturated market. Niche dating sites are created for smaller user groups with specific demographics or interests. With the rising popularity of these sites, the more standard niches have become saturated. According to Minns, niche dating is no longer niche enough. Even more unique and focused approaches are needed to build and market a new brand in the current market. He has built a network of 14 niche dating sites, including Lisa50, Butterfly, and Joystick. Minns discusses his methods for navigating the niche market in the latest video in the LTR Webinar series.

00:00 Introduction
01:15 Niche definitions
03:25 Why niche dating isn’t niche enough
04:25 Search position competitiveness
08:36 Hacked Google search results
11:00 Media interest
15:39 Dating saturation
17:54 Business model
20:00 Summary

LTR ( ) stands for Love, Technology, Relationships and the online conference covers the Internet dating and Online Social Communities space. It is for members of IDEA ( ) and OSCA ( ).

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