Christian Dating Specialist Weighs In On What Christian Dating Really Looks Like with Shawn Bolz

Shawn Bolz interviews Christian dating specialist on his advice, Biblical perspective and heart for Christian singles. After Shawn's prophetic word that went viral about a wave of Christians who will be getting married, this interview takes on deep significance.

In a country like America where we have a population crisis where not enough people are being born to sustain our nation we have a problem. Part of this very problem is that people aren’t getting married young enough and many aren’t having children or are having too few. One of the first things God ever did for man is give us our partner and tell us to go forth and be fruitful and multiply. There is a blessing on marriage and family that is not found anywhere else and some of you heard my word a few weeks back about God commissioning heaven to bring people together in 2023 like never before. We have a special guest today who has put together teaching and an organization all about helping people find their purpose in marriage.

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