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Online dating…isn’t it crazy how that has changed our lives.
In the past we used letters which took two weeks to reply and now in the modern age of 2022 your crush or lover can just be a like, swipe  or comment away. Isn’t it great how life has changed.
For sure you can still meet and date in the old and classic way through friends, work, the bookstore or any other traditional means but see it as an additional chance to now also use the online way to find a partner…or friends.
So many of you have asked us which online dating app we used to get to know each other and we will talk about this. Also we will mention a few niche apps which might also be interesting for you…christian mingle..afro romance…interracial dating central.
After we will explain a very good app to make friends only. That is the app “bumble” where you can choose between bizz contacts, dating or bff only. We will only concentrate on the bff part only since we have used that part of the app very successfully.
At the end we will share with you the app where were met and will tell you a bit about it, explain some features of this app like payment methods and app settings and the way to use it in a successful way to find love.
Also we put our 5 golden rules to use a dating app correctly, in case you want to find love. It is our opinion and helps us a lot.
We wish you a lot of fun and luck using the app and if you just follow a few rules which you might also find your “needle in the haystack” quickly.
We hope you enjoyed the video and that it gives you motivation to just go out there and try your lucky swipes.

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Good luck and mega love!!!! #roadto10k

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